Saturday, November 10, 2007

Time to put the garden to bed


November tomatoes


The child's gloves in question, rescued from the digging box.


Virginia creeper on the sidewall of the store.


niobe said...

What I'll be doing today is bringing in all the leftover tomatoes. Sigh.

Julia said...

Um... are you having a tomato party? A virtual one, at least? I want a nice garden tomato. We had some in The Old City this spring, and boy was that good. I am underwhelmed by the store tomatoes since then...

kathy a. said...

we still have a few cherry tomatos, lookin' mostly green, on a vine that looks deadish. think i'll wait and see.

S. said...

Niobe, we haven't had a hard frost yet, but I don't think any of our green ones will ripen.

Julia, help yourself! The volunteers by the back door are better for slicing.

kathy a., good luck!