Friday, November 16, 2007

Life and Art

This installation went up in the woods last weekend.


These are papier mache tree trunks, and they have been wilting all week.

I generally like the little bits of human-made beauty I find in the woods, but they usually run to sculptures of twigs and branches or rocks, or arrangements of seeds and leaves.


These trees, though. I appreciate the work that went into them. I just think I would have liked them more if I weren't comparing them so starkly to real trees that withstand the weather. I think if I encountered them indoors they would have been more imposing.

Maybe that's the point, though.


Magpie said...

I'm not sure what I like better - the concept of fake trees in the woods, or your tag "shtetl life".

S. said...

Laughing! Thanks, Magpie--I've been meaning to haul that one out for awhile, now.