Thursday, November 29, 2007

Future acquisitions

S.: Hey, Z., guess what I got you, it's coming in the mail? A purple shirt with a ladybug on it.

Z.: No, a peuhpeul hat!

S.: No, but I'll make you a purple hat.

Z.: No, don't make it, knit it!

S.: Sure, I'll knit it!

Z.: Wif my peuhpeul yawrn?

S.: No, yours is a little too tangled. I have some purple yarn downstairs, I'll use that.

Z.: And den you'll put all yeuwr peuhpeul yawrn, you'll take it and you'll shove it into dat hat, and den it will be all gone, and I'll have it! It won't be yeuwrs anymore! You'll shove it into dat hat, and it will be in dat peuhpeul hat, and it will be mine!


Julia said...

A fine understanding of cause and effect.
There will be a picture of the purple hat, yes?

Magpie said...

But that knitting were so easy - "shove that yarn"!

kathy a. said...

well. that's all settled, then.

S. said...

Julia, sure! On or off the model....

Magpie, I'm not certain that I'm not supposed to take the finished hat and stuff it full of whatever purple yarn is left in my stash.

kathy a., indeed.