Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Civic duty accomplished

Election Day, Election Day. It's an off year, and this country still, shamefully, has not made it a national holiday, so even if you're American, you probably didn't notice. Around here, the big deal is the primary, since the city is over 70% Democratic. The mayor presumptive was established back in May, and our mediocre coucilwoman was returned to her seat because the challenging Democratic candidates split the overwhelming vote against her. There were no burning ballot questions, but we trekked on over to the church one block down the hill because it's one of those things you just feel like you can't NOT do. The last time I failed to vote was when the Republicans swept the mid-term elections in 1994, and there are some lessons you never forget.

Two districts vote at The Church Down the Hill, ours and one that has sixty more people in it but, more importantly, has far less turnout. The election commission has decided that all districts should get two voting machines, end of story. We stood in line for a good hour, in an off-year, when the election's outcome was a foregone conclusion in order to vote, while two perfectly fine voting machines went basically unused in the very same room.

But I voted for the Greens, something I only indulge in when it doesn't make a difference. Since one of their candidates was running against my councilwoman and I actually know him from our babysitting co-op, it felt like eating a whole damn bar of Maya Gold, guilt-free.


Magpie said...

As we were heading towards the school where we vote, W. said everyone was running unopposed, and I asked why we were voting. We went anyway. And a few weren't unopposed.

I voted for someone on the Liberal line (also running as a Dem) just to be contrary.

All Miss M. wanted to do was see the "deskes" (a two syllable word).

niobe said...

You're so good. I never vote. It seems so, so, so odd that I could just walk into an empty school gym and fill out a ballot.

furrow said...

oh, snap. i dont know if there are any elections round here or not. dont think so. we had some back in the spring. the results were disheartening. i love voting. the buttons excite me, as do the scrolling results on tv..

love that maya gold. yum.