Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Advice, please

Okay, this is one where I'm asking a question, but I already know what the answer is, I just want you to tell me everyone would decide the same thing.

So the stereo in the living room, the one with the cd changer? Hasn't worked in at least six weeks, maybe longer. Everything's plugged in, and nothing happens. The machine is at least twelve years old, so I figure some crucial circuit just burned out.

There are still cd's in it.

I should take a screwdriver to it, right? To get the cd's out? I won't be doing irreparable damage because it's not going to be repaired anyway, right?


Magpie said...


Lo said...

Second the yes.

(un)relaxeddad said...

Thirded (that isn't a noun, is it?). Though I suppose it might be worth checking the fuse, just in case. Though if lights come on, I guess it must be the transport.
Wow - my CD player's nearly 12 years old, come to think of it.

seahorse said...

Just toasted a sandwich tonight and the sandwich toaster jammed. I got so cross I just dropped it on the floor. It smashed, and our sandwiches were intact. The toaster is not. I can't say I care. Stupid rubbish piece of junk. Perhaps this approach not wise with CDs.

S. said...

Seahorse, I'm laughing and laughing!

As soon as I can find the phillips head, she's coming apart. I'm so curious what I'll find in there. We have a number of empty cases!