Saturday, November 17, 2007

Binky crisis

Earlier this week, a binky wound up under the car, and that was the end of it. And another one showed enough signs of wear and tear that we pitched it. And we just hadn't been paying attention to numbers of binkies because usually one can be turned up when you need one.

But after the losses of this week, one could not be turned up today. I think we were actually down to one, single solitary binky, and it could not be located for several critical hours.

She's doing better on the whole binky thing, Z. is. She's capable of forgetting to ask for one for an entire run of errands. But we still weren't about to go to synagogue without one. So for lack of a binky, a morning was lost, and for lack of a morning, well.

We've had better days around here.


kathy a. said...

oh, no! my son preferred a certain kind that squeaked, and he was rough on the old binkies. we lived in japan for a year. on several occasions, i had to call my sisters in the US and have them scour the stores for the correct kind of replacement binky, crossing fingers the new ones would arrive before the demise of the old.

(un)relaxeddad said...

We also tried the Father Xmas thing but got interrupted by his broken leg last year. But once he was back on his feet again (after three years of dummies!) he dropped one in the bin and announced that now he was a "big boy" he didn't need dummies anymore. And that was that.