Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blue Kittatinny Tuscarora Allegheny

Things I learned today:

There are double bathroom stalls on the PA Turnpike that have a full-size toilet and a toddler-size one, and a changing table. (Yeah, I thought that was cool, too.)

A person can get very wet under the gas pump awning.

The midwest is closer than I think.

My hair does extraordinary things when it halfway dries during a downpour and then heavy Ohio wind whips it up around and over my head to finish the job.

I can happily listen to The New Pornographers' Challengers cd six times in a row.

There is a family who already loves Annoying Dog and is happy to have her.

It is possible to be so nice to me that I cry.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The headline that made me subscribe to the Onion

When we lived in Madison, we picked it up on the corner every week, but The Onion has yet to arrive in Philly. I grabbed a copy when I was home in DC over the weekend and just got around to looking at it.

"Everything Falling Apart, Reports Institute For Somehow Managing To Hold It All Together"

Yeah. I need me some of that.