Friday, November 9, 2007

From my morning walk

Still a little too dark in the woods themselves for good natural light, but here are some views from the way there (northeast- and southwest-facing views of the same tree):


...and the way back:



Magpie said...

I love that stone house.

And the leaves - so pretty, especially against the dark background of your blog template.

kathy a. said...


Julia said...

nice shots.
I keep driving places and thinking that I should be walking instead, because the leaves will be gone soon. And yet, I keep driving.

niobe said...

You've completely inspired me to go out and take some pictures of leaves. Though I'm going to be going for that ineffable sense of desolation. Or something like that.

S. said...

All, thanks!

Magpie, that stone house is completely typical of the neighborhood.

Julia, the tree is only a block from my house--the way parking goes around here, I walk nearly that far to get to my car.

Niobe, I'd expect nothing less!