Sunday, November 11, 2007

From Friday

If it happened Friday but I blog it today, that's not cheating, right?

S.: Who was at school today?

Z.: No Enthusiastic Blond Boy!

S.: Was Enthusiastic Blond Boy on a trip?

Z.: No, he was at his house. He was at home wif his Daddy.

A.: How do you know?

(Z. makes dismissive hand gesture identical to one her Mama makes)

Z.: I just made it up.

A. took Z. to see Lo and Co today--bloggable pictures resulted, so watch this space!


Scrivener said...

"I just made it up" is an awesome response. Can I use that one too?

Magpie said...

No reason to feel guilty - it's not cheating. Your world here is a fiction - a fiction predicated on reality, but not obligated to absolute precision.

If I were forced into precision, I would have no drafts in my queue.

Julia said...

Nice. Coming up next is pretend phone conversations that illuminate parental phone habits a bit too brightly. Enjoy.

Lo said...

Hey, make me a link. :-P