Saturday, November 3, 2007

Havdallah in November

So I realized this daily November blog thing is going to be easier for me than it would have been in, say, June, because shabbat ends before I actually feel like it's late. But then it got late, anyway.

So here I am, cheating for the first time this month, by putting up pictures that were already sitting, unblogged, in my flickr account. I uploaded them recently, but they're from September.


This is Z.'s first self-portrait. The mysterious piece of cloth is the pirate hat she wore to school on September 19th--this was kosher because our synagogue, which is where she goes to daycare, actually sort of celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day. After all, it's a secular holiday, unlike Halloween. (Really! Costumes only go to school on Purim.)

The tiger's name is Bannister. Every pirate needs a tiger. The arnica is for treating the bumps and bruises every pirate incurs. The tea party is just what pirates *do* at the end of a long, hard day. C'mon, everyone knows that!


Self-portrait by me, on my morning walk, at a place where the path is wide and the trees are thin. At the time of day when I'm there, almost all of the rest of the woods are too dark for my camera to manage natural light, but as the leaves come down, I may have more to show you.


kathy a. said...

two wonderful portraits!

the tiger has me remembering the calvin and hobbes comics. so perfect.

Magpie said...

We have the same tea set!

I don't think it's cheating to post a picture that you took a while ago. It's not like you pre- or post-dated the post.

Besides, I have a wonderful photo from August that only just today got downloaded from W.'s camera - I'd forgotten all about it. You'll see!

Julia said...

Nice shots.

And nothing wrong with cheating.

(un)relaxeddad said...

Perfectly in focus as well and very straight - all dudelet's snaps are crooked and kind of "in motion". I love anti-portraits like the shadow one.