Friday, July 20, 2007

Party minus 2 hours


Here in the Rhyming house, Grandad is boning up on JK Rowling's backlist, Z. is having a snack with Mommy, GranGran is (we think) still at her meeting, and Mama is refining her newly acquired Flckr skills. Turns out Flckr's standard medium size results in the right margin of all my pictures being chopped off, so I fiddled with the size. These are: width="400" height="300", if you're interested in these details.

One thing Mama is noticing is that she has apparently done a very good job of branding because hardly any of the shots she took of Potter party decorations are free of the store logo. (I think I've found some that won't tempt you to come stalk me, but I'm just gonna slip in a little friendly reminder of my strong desire to keep this blog's name and the store's name completely separate in the Big Brotherly eye of Google et al. And of my willingness to delete comments to that end.)


The faced-out book has 7 hours left as the store's all-time bestseller. It was written pseudonymously by the editor of the Co-op on the Corner's newsletter. We can always tell he's been working the floor because we get a slew of people in looking for this. HP7 is already at number 13 on our list and, yes, it hasn't been released yet.

Harry Potter-themed cupcakes:


Have a snitch:


Happy reading, all!!!!


niobe said...

I'm sure it will be a wonderful party.

Magpie said...

That looks like fun! I hope it's a smashing success!

Scrivener said...

Looks like it should be great!

S. said...

Phew. Taking a break. There is a band with more enthusiasm than talent singing "I love Harry Potter" a floor below me.

The wands were a terrific hit and our costume contest was amazing. Our kid winner was a house elf, and we had to split the adult win between a fantastic Luna and an invented character from the seventh book, both of whom were way over the top. There was also a hilarious Trelawny and a Tonks who would have won the 16-and-under if she'd showed up in time for the contest.

Photos will be up on the store's website sometime on Sunday, I think--email me if you want the url: scallen3, America OnLine.

We're already at a very very nice number for the day, and the vast majority of the books we've sold are still in boxes in my office! The cafe is having a banner night, too.

Okay, the band is wrapping up. Time to restock the cafe.

Genevieve said...

Coolest. Cupcakes. EVAH.