Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Did Voltaire get cool or something?

Thanks, E. and oneofhismoms, for pushing my thinking in the comments on the last one, and I'm still pondering the yesses and the noes. For instance: blogland is a ready-made, boundaried "no"-space because, let's face it, if it were real we wouldn't be contrasting it with Real Life. Real people participate in it in real ways, OF COURSE, and real feelings get hurt and real friendships are made and real time gets sucked into the vortex and for some people real money is involved. But you had a life before blogging and most likely you will again someday.

So it's no surprise that a lot of yesses can happen pretty safely in blogland.

But what about those real-life noes of mine? The no of delaying insemination has clearly staked out a safe space for me. Some of these others, I'm not sure I know yet what's going on with them. They may not have any useful function at all. Yet I would like to find some redeeming reason for the ways that they're curtailing me.

Meanwhile, my statcounter has been showing a ton of people (well, a very tiny ton of people, but a lot more than none, which is the usual number) googling "Il faut cultiver notre jardin." Is there something going on out there in pop culture that I don't know about? Inquiring minds.

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