Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cheap content

I got a hit this way:

breasts "peace corps" "my host" me 2007

The word "me" in there is just baffling, isn't it?

Someone in Wisconsin was researching this:

my dog would take the shot

And I got a hit from this page, which just tells me that the link to my site was somewhere eye-catching on Jo(e)'s rotating blogroll last night, but I was tempted to click and I thought that given the recent discussions on blogging perils here and elsewhere in blogland, y'all might also be interested in why Jo(e) shouldn't have started blogging:


And people continue to search the internet for rhymes on flushing the toilet, and information on broken toddler bones, and the various properties of javelins.

* * * * *

Z.: Dis is my babing suit.

A.: It's your bathing suit.

Z.: My bading suit.

A.: Your baTHing suit.

Z.: My bathezing suit.

A.: She did it!

Z. to me: Mama, is dat your babing suit?


Furrow said...

I've got to start doing the blogstats thing, if only to see the referring searches. Sounds fun.

Thanks for commenting. Please do consider yourself tagged. I've lurked a bit over here, but can't remember if I've ever commented before.

S. said...

Excellent, I'll link back to you when I do it!

jo(e) said...

I haven't read that list since I wrote it, but it's still accurate. I DON'T HAVE TIME TO BLOG.

S. said...

And yet you manage it so beautifully.

niobe said...

I sometimes think that it's mostly the people who don't really have the time or, perhaps, the inclination to blog that are really good at it.

S. said...

Aha! Which is it that you don't have, time or inclination?

Co said...

I went to speech therapy when I was 6 to learn to make the "th" sound properly. Z. sounds much further along than I ever was already. :-)