Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hike: past Dicks Creek Gap

4/26 Another sunny day--we're camped about a mile past Dicks Creek Gap. We did 11.7 today, and the last mile probably

--I was interrupted by the arrival of the Fantastic Four, who I thought would be 3 1/2 miles ahead of me at Plumorchard Shelter but who, instead, just got back on the Trail after going in for an unexpected resupply in Hiawassee. I'd run into them unexpectedly at lunch and told them I'd be camping here--good thing! They did the mile up from the road pretty much by headlamp, it was almost 9 when they got here, and the sun was pretty much down by 8:30. I'm outside the tent now as they arrange groundcloths to avoid rocks--at this point they're just sleeping out, which I had contemplated but being alone and so close to the Trail, the tent seemed like a safer option.

What was I saying before the gang showed up? Oh, right. The last mile was really the last straw for Diva Dog. Her paws still aren't looking nearly so bad as they did before Helen -- the Trail wasn't particularly rocky and we took a lot of breaks -- but she just crashed when we got here, and last night she had energy to explore. She was still sniffing around back at Dicks Creek Gap, so I think the last mile did her in. If we really do stick to 10 milers all the way to Fontana Dam--if she doesn't adjust before then--I don't know if we'll make it there before my brother graduates on May 8. So that's the current worry, but with the Fantastic Four back in sync with me for a few days, at least the company will be good.

There was a beautiful grove of rhododendron coming down into Dicks Creek Gap--it held promise of what the woods will look like in a few weeks when the leaves are out on the trees.

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