Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hike: Rock Gap Shelter

4/29/98, Rock Gap Shelter, 103.6 miles

Except for Albert Mountain it was another easy day in North Carolina. Albert was nearly vertical, but it didn't go on too long and Diva Dog did fantastically. We had cheese and pita on the summit and stopped for water at Big Spring. It was mostly a day of zoning off into my own thoughts and the miles flew. My pack seems back down at a manageable weight yet I still have more food than I started the hike with, so that's good. Some continuing worries about the bottoms of my feet, so I'm glad to have the day off for yet another reason. Shower, phone, groceries, and a good soak for my feet and Diva Dog's paws. There has to be something more to say--but maybe that's what there is to report, that all of those hours of walking are starting to take me out of all these words I usually live in.

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