Thursday, April 26, 2007

Google hits (cheap content)

One thing I learn from my search hits is how many things people want rhymes for various words they're using in poems, especially in birthday poems (an unintended consequence of the title I chose and one of my tags). Also, in recent weeks a lot of people have been very interested in the last frost date.

Two sad ones I've had recently:

dog dies lack of oxygen what happened
a preemies less week in the regular nursery [sic]

If either of you is still reading, you have my sympathy, and I hope you found answers somewhere in that search. I know things must be really difficult right now.

Phantom, I have to chalk this one up to your comment of a month or two back:

black scabs on tip of nipple breastfeeding

If that searcher is still reading--I've been there, really I have. If you hang in there, it will get better. Check out what Magpie wrote about her early nursing experience.


Magpie said...

Thanks for the plug!

Your blog title reminds me of a Mark Morris ballet called "Rhymes with Silver" (to a score of the same name by Lou Harrison).

So, when is the last frost date? Should I risk buying tomato plants?

S. said...

Magpie, you should be fine. For Philly it's April 14 (a day on which we actually had snow this year!), and NYC is maybe a week behind.

I'm such a dance ignoramus! This is the first time I've heard of the Mark Morris piece.