Monday, April 30, 2007

Co-sleeping is over

During the dark hours this morning, I woke up and couldn't tell if I was in my bed or Z.'s. I was alone--was Z. missing or was A.? After a few seconds my head cleared enough to remember Z.'s night waking, taking turns in her bed while the other parent used the bathroom. When I quiet Z. during the night, I go back to bed once she's down. A. stayed in Z.'s bed in the end, and fell asleep there. (I can't sleep when Z. is next to me, but A. sleeps through anything.) This was the first time that happened since we moved Z.'s bed to the other side of the room--before when Z.'s bed was next to ours, it was as though we were in one big bed. It felt so strange to be alone.

Since we moved the bed, the nights have been more interrupted, but my sleep has been deeper in between the wakings.


S. said...

Hi (Un)relaxed Dad in disguise! Z. is two-and-two-months, and she was actually in our own bed (as opposed to hers-shoved-next-to-ours) until past her first birthday, mostly because it took months for her bed to arrive after we ordered it. Many, many months of broken sleep in that saga!

The big move will be getting her into her own room, but that will be a floor above us in the house, so we're not rushing into it.

(un)relaxeddad said...

Disguise unintentional! I do find leaving comments in Blogger gets very tricky at times!
We're all on one level so that's not such an issue.
(If you have a minute, could you edit out my email? Thanx, (paranoid)dad.

S. said...

Sorry about that, (un)relaxeddad--I thought the references to the other "characters" in your blog in the removed post made it okay to identify you. My fault.

I had to delete the comment altogether to get rid of the email--blogger didn't give me an edit option, just two levels of delete.