Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Day in the Life

This is a good day to capture the things I'm trying to keep going in my life. This was actually a day when I wasn't too crazed because I wasn't working around Z.'s day care schedule:

A. was home (yay, spring break) and let me sleep late b/c I was up too late as usual last night, blogging, writing a letter in support of the Pro-Midwifery Maternity Department at the neighborhood hospital where Z. was born, reading the New Yorker, knitting, and fetching middle-of-the-night toddler snacks.

Z. is having Training Pants Week, so I did some cheerleading and cuddling on that front.

Then I wandered over to the store to catch up on everything I've missed the past week and half, with traveling and toddler illness. This included emailing a rep to find what's up with the rearrangement of various small presses' distribution (which will involve much persnickety database work) and emailing my professional women's support group about my inability to join them in Quaint Nearby Suburb and emailing the town watch group that meets in the store to say yes, they're welcome next Monday, and emailing the credit rep at Slick National Book Distributor to point out that I'd answered her question a week ago.

There was also a rally at 11:30 to save the Pro-Midwifery Maternity Department, which is threatened with closure b/c bureaucracy is the enemy of all that is good in the world. We were all going to go, but A. called to say that Z. was heading for naptime and wasn't going to make it, but could I please look for whole wheat matzah at Big Chain Supermarket on my way back. Losing my dates for the rally meant I spent that little bit too long at work and missed it. I drove by as it was breaking up and saw my midwife's husband. He said there were 50-75 people there, which is respectable indeed for something pulled together the day before yesterday.

At Big Chain Supermarket there was no whole wheat matzah, but there were whole wheat tam tam crackers and other goodies, and there was quinoa. Quinoa is what all the hip Jews are eating during Pesach this year, it seems, b/c our co-op is out.

I dropped off the groceries, grabbed some matzah, returned to work, finished assembling various PO's and started in with the new fax machine. This is my first direct encounter with it and after sending off five different faxes I realized (b/c one of our reps called to tell me) that I'd put them all through the machine upside down. So I re-did them.

The wire transfer finally came through, so I redistributed that money.

Still on my list for today, may or may not get to these: call the plumber about the little cafe at work, call the garden consultant about the apple trees at home, call the babysitter about going out for my birthday Saturday, call my midwife because I've owed her a call and she's leaving town soon, call my brother b/c I owe him a birthday call and it's embarrassing if I don't call him for his before he calls me for mine. Do laundry from the weekend. See how the various mail-ordered perennials are doing indoors while we wait for the cold snap to finish doing its thing. Maybe, but probably not, get out in the garden a little.

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