Friday, April 27, 2007

Fear and hostas

I am supposed to say something about fearlessness for Miriam, but I'm afraid (ha!) that I would wind up on the opposite emotion. So I'm going to sit this one out and talk about my garden instead ... my lovely, unkempt, healing garden. But Miriam, I'll try to pitch in on the next one.

My Plant Delights order came today: 5 new hostas, two very cute miniatures, three quite handsome larger ones. Also a trillium that frankly looks a little worse for wear, but I've had good luck with these guys before, so I planted it and we'll see how it goes. And a non-vining clematis, something I've admired but never planted in my own garden before. And oh, those hostas! (I never liked hostas before I got on the Plant Delights mailing list. Google 'em yourself--it's well worth the search!) In other garden news, one of the apple trees we planted after Z. was born looks like it has enough blooms to actually produce an apple this year--assuming there's another local apple to fertilize it, since none of the other three are in bloom (so much for the bloom-time chart I pored over).

Also, my sainted mother was here today, and we made terrific headway on pruning chaos and excess books from the first floor. A yard sale is in the offing--I suspect decluttering alone will help me feel more functional. The Someone Else's Problem fields have taken over our house.

If I actually overcome my fear, I'll take the decluttering approach to my finances on Monday--really, if they're as bad as I think they'll only get worse if I keep looking away each time my hyperventilation starts up.


niobe said...

I love hostas. Decluttering always makes me feel much, much better. And my sympathies on having to deal with the finances.

Magpie said...

I love hosta too. I have a whole mess of them, thanks to my mother and my sister's husband. He's in the gardening business, and my mother just has piles of them that need constant dividing. Everytime I visit her during the gardening months, I bring back a car load of plants. I would offer to mail you some, but they are already too leafed out!