Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Variation on a theme

Twinkeul, twinkeul, liddel stawr
how I wondeuh what you
twinkeul, twinkeul
Medium stawr
Dat’s me
And den I get to duh big stawr
twinkeul, twinkeul liddel stawr


Phantom Scribbler said...

When is Z. going to start singing Joe Strummer?

susan said...

She is so.darn.cute.

ppb said...

medium stah. That's me....

So cute.

S. said...

Phantom, that's an easy one: the instant a video of China Forbes singing the Clash hits youtube.

Susan and ppb, I was at a sort of low point just now, and looking at what's hit my reader since this morning. When I saw this out of context, all of four hours after posting it, it made me laugh til I was crying all over again.

Sometimes I think toddler goofiness is the only thing holding me together.

Magpie said...

A thing of great beauty. :)

Sorry that you need holding together right now.

S. said...

Ah, Magpie, you know, sometimes the only way out is through.