Monday, August 13, 2007

Good news!

Anyone else out there doing a little dance about Karl Rove's imminent departure?

And, BZ posts about the recent National Havurah Committee Summer Institute that we just missed. He spreads the word that the NHC is making a commitment to financial accessibility, and I know this little non-profit pretty well. It is a huge fundraising project they're undertaking for an organization their size. I've talked the Institute up to some of you in the past--we couldn't make it this year for financial reasons, but it is a Good Thing and we'll be back next year if we can swing it. I'd love to seed it with friends in future years, and for some of you--like us--this project could make a difference. If you have connections out there in the Jewish world or the progressive religious world, and those connections have cash for this kind of thing, would you please buzz on over to the NHC site and let them know?


Margaret said...
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Magpie said...

Oh yes re: Rove. But what's he gonna do? Go work for Guiliani?


(I have too many google accounts...)