Friday, August 10, 2007

Hike: Double Spring Shelter

5/10/98--Double Spring Shelter--29.2 miles (from Fontana)

Rain. Mud. Slogging. All the livelong day. I did catch up with Setback--she sheltered ahead of me last night and I got a late start this morning, so it wasn't 'til the shelter that I found her. Man, I wouldn't have been saying all of that about no weekenders if I'd made it to Spence last night--it was full, and it sounds like Derrick Knob was, too. And tonight I think we've got 9 or so.

I think I was woken by a bear last night--I heard snuffling and breathing and decided not to turn over to see.

I am not liking the Smokies. They call the AT a long, green tunnel but here it's been a long, brown puddle. --MC

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