Thursday, June 28, 2007

The pumpkin vine that ate my garden

I had originally thought I would head South and leave that picture of Diva Dog and Z. to hold the fort for a week. But upon reflection in the sober light of day, that seems a little melodramatic. So here are some garden shots. Not that these vines aren't melodramatic, but more in a John Waters kind of a way. I think I'll pull a couple-three of them before we go so we still have some tomatoes left by the time we get back. The cardboard on the ground is actually a mulching strategy. We have a lot of cardboard, and we're not too proud to use it.
Can you spot Z.? (Hint: she's the one with a binky in her mouth.) Don't you think t-shirt and diaper is the way to go in summertime? We're going to be doing intensive potty-training the next few days in Maryland, so I think it will just be t-shirt, full-stop for awhile when we're down there. Z. is regarding us with long, long stares when we raise this whole topic with her. But I'll be damned if I buy a set of extra-large Fuzzi Bunz, which is the way things are going if we don't get serious about this.

And hey, do you see that little sunflowery-looking biter--okay, more of a evil rudbeckia maybe--in between the pumpkin leaves trailing on the cardboard in the foreground of that picture? If anyone knows what that is, please tell me. (Niobe, I know I still owe you a shot of goutweed--it's been a little crazy around here during picture-taking hours.)

Also, a recipe:


1/2 c. fresh-squeezed lime juice (between 3 and 5 limes)
1/2 c. sugar
1 litre raspberry seltzer
water to fill up the rest of a one-quart (8 cup) pitcher

mix it all up and refrigerate (don't you think there should be a "d" in that word? I sure do.)
When we tear out of here tomorrow afternoon there will be no internet for me til the 4th--and I'm hoping I'm so cleansed and detoxed by then that I can just say no til we get back. So see you on the ninth or thereabouts.


Lo said...

Wow, Z. looks tall in that picture.

And thanks for the limeaid recipe; I was wondering about it, and it looks even yummier than I anticipated.

S. said...

Yeah, she's growing like a pumpkin vine.

I'm pretty into the limeade right now. I think it's the ideal summer drink, but if anyone has alternative suggestions I won't say no.

Julia said...

Have a great trip, and good luck with potty training.

Magpie said...

Limeade looks great! I'm very into lemonade mixed with unsweetened iced tea. And gins and tonic!

Good luck on the potty training. We've been having too many accidents recently - I don't know what's up.