Thursday, June 21, 2007

Because Niobe told me to

Actually, this is a little creepy.

S. needs to get her spouse on board with their new eating plan if she hopes to improve her kids' diets.
S. needs to get specific and address each of her fears head on, in a therapeutic setting.
S. needs help in getting her dream school up and going somewhere -- anywhere.
S. needs a speechwriter, however, don’t let that fool you into believing her not to be competent.
S. needs to make her own judgments about her co-workers.
S. needs help keeping life on track.
S. needs prayer diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
S. needs to recruit Julia Roberts!
S. needs her a** kicked.......
S. needs a muffin.
s. needs a mommy.

There was also a brief tongue twister involving my actual name and the name my mother was referring to in naming me. It doesn't lend itself to abbreviation, but just for Mom: S. leads, S. needs.

And this one didn't fit, but it had my first and middle names:
The S. C. Law Firm is committed to these ideals and to your needs, so contact us when you need legal assistance.


niobe said...

Wow. These are excellent. Although, I trust, not entirely accurate.

S. said...

No, at least mostly not, thank goodness! Though I'm sure if I had Julia Roberts working the register sales would pick up dramatically.