Sunday, June 17, 2007

The benefits of a religious education

Or: one last post before my parents get here. The computer's in the guest room so I may not be virtually around much for the next couple days.

Over the past few days, Z. has been asking us to tell her stories about Haman, the villain of the Purim holiday. Purim was nearly 4 months ago, yes, but she has recently unearthed her grogger, which she insists has Haman on it (it doesn't). This gets old--really old--after awhile, so starting with shabbat dinner, we declared a Haman moratorium, and no reading her Purim books, either.

So she moved ahead in the calendar:

"Can you tell me a story about Pharoah?"

What is it with the villains?

Anyhoo, Pharoah led to Miriam led to Moses, and this is what Z. has to say about Moses--in the pauses, imagine her putting her curly little head on one side and nodding repeatedly in sage agreement with her own pronouncements:

Moses had a STAFF! (pause to nod)

For raising over da water! (puts hands above head illustratively)

And he was a good, good man. (pause to nod)

And he said to Pharoah, oh listen, oh listen, please let my people go.
And he was a good LEEEE-der for saying dat.

(pause to nod)

And dere's a book about him! (grins triumphantly)

I'm not sure what she'll do about Shavuot, which was just a few weeks ago. In a month or two more I may find out.


Julia said...

Too funny.

susan said...

Curious Girl was running around the house singing "And the women dancing with their timbrels/followed Miriam as she sang their song" or some version of those lyrics--most weeks of the year, except in December, it could well be Passover if you're listening to her chatter. I guess time is a much more flexible concept for the wee ones.

Co said...

When I was a kid, I thought the villains and the gory stories were cool. The miracles were also cool, as was the notion of G-d's power and wrath.

Case in point, my parents bought me a children's illustrated Bible. My favorite story, which I read over and over? Cain and Abel. Loved it.

Maybe it's just kid nature or something. Those are cute stories about Z.

S. said...

Julia, I think the humor generated by toddlers is probably adaptive to the survival of the species.

Susan, I owe you an earworm!

Co, I had one of those, too, but I can't remember a favorite. I do remember being impressed with the way everyone wore ancient-middle-east clothing--I think the illustrations were more "historically accurate" that tne stained-glass in my 19th c. church.

Genevieve said...

Susan, I got the earworm too! But I like that song, so I don't mind.

S., do you have any of Jean Marzollo's kids' books with Torah stories? Miriam and Her Brother Moses, Ruth and Naomi, etc.?

(I know, asking a bookseller if she has books is like bringing coals to Newcastle, right?)

S. said...

Alas, they're almost all out of print. We don't have any kids' services over the summer, though, so you've reminded me it would be a good time to hit the online used markets!