Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Earlier this Spring, one of the other day-care moms--actually, my favorite other day-care mom, if I exempt the women I was previously friends with from that private competition--showed up at pick-up time with a dramatic haircut. Summertime? I asked her. Oh, well, she said, I was just growing it for Locks of Love.

So. I've been going in after the tangled ends on my own pretty frequently, but I hadn't had a proper cut since A. took maybe 3 or 4 inches off sometime in the Fall of 2004. Yes, it is significant that that was before Z. was born, thank you for asking. I've been hiding. And I haven't stopped quite yet, but I have recognized that staying huddled in isolation is not a long-term strategy for healthy living.

Locks of Love needs a 10-inch minimum. I cut 14, putting the tip of the paper-cutting scissors right into the middle of the braid. The first cut was thrilling--no going back. It took three cuts altogether.

To me it seems hugely light and easily contained, but I can still twist it up, wrap it in a full knot around itself, tuck in the ends, and insert chopsticks (yes, that is how I'm wearing it today, so as to garner minimal comments from staff). Loose, it still hangs to my elbows, which is the length it's been most of my life.

I've let go of the idea that I'll get magically better and have my old self back. But I'm starting to see more continuity with that me and this one.


Julia said...

Wow! Good for you.
My hair hasn't been to my elbows, not to mention below, since I was a kid.

May you feel lighter in more ways than one.

Magpie said...

Wow - 14" and it's still to your elbows?? Awesome. I used to have long long hair, but never that long. But enough that I could have 5-6" chopped off at a time and still have a lot of hair. So sweet to send it to Locks of Love.

S. said...

Umm, yeah, it got a little long there--one thing I'm looking forward to is being able to wear it down without it getting caught on the doorknob when I leave the house. Or in the little joints of folding chairs.

Also, it doesn't really taper anymore. It all ends at the same place, boom, just like that.

Haven't checked on whether it will all fit under a swim cap--I think it was close, last time it was this length.

niobe said...

I had about 5" cut off my hair about 6 weeks ago and I haven't gotten used to it yet. Brave of you to chop off so much, even if you still have lots left.

And here's something I've wondered about -- does hair (well, your hair anyway) stop growing at some point or does it just keep getting longer and longer?

Lo said...

A few kids at my school, this year, have donated their hair to Locks of Love, which I think is extremely sweet. One of them was one of my 7th graders, and a boy!

Niobe, I have read that hair does have a natural length, but it's different for each of us. (My hair's natural length is not very long. Or, maybe it's that it just starts to grow *out* instead of down...)

S. said...

Niobe, I haven't reached my hair's natural length yet, only my tolerance for getting my arms tangled. It certainly was breaking off a lot more at the ends (the tapering braid), but it was also still getting longer, even with my incursions on the tangles. But keeping it braided keeps it protected from most hair hazards. One of the reasons I cut it now was that if I'm swimming again it'll get more beat up, and not as nice to donate.

Lo, good for your kids! The first time I knew anyone donating hair was when three kids I taught all donated theirs on the same weekend.