Monday, June 11, 2007

Make way for goslings

I really love my drive to therapy. This might have a little bit to do with it being almost the same route that I took to see A. when we were dating, and also almost the same route I took to go to my shabbat group during the two years it met in West Philadelphia. I have happy, anticipatory associations.

Also, the drive itself is lovely, running down the gorge to the river and then along the riverside. It's not as heavily traveled as the other arteries tucked in along the Schuylkill, so traffic is usually smooth and predictable.

Today, cars were stopped where cars should be moving, and in both lanes. A string of Canada geese were crossing over to the river, most of them still fluffy and endearing, a sight I hadn't seen since living in Madison, where stopping for waterfowl in springtime is routine.

I was only one car back from the front, so I had a good look at them--thirty crossed altogether. One of them was much smaller, maybe a foster duckling? The rest of the geese stepped up onto the far curb with nonchalance while this duckling was only a little more than half the height of the granite curbstone. It paced back and forth, not seeing an easier way up. The adult taking up the rear was almost across and cars on my side of the road were starting to move. Facing traffic was not going to see this little guy. I was worried, I really was, but traffic was starting and I knew I'd have to move.

Just at the last minute, it gave a jump, stumpy wings stretched out, and rejoined the march to the river.


niobe said...

If I believed in omens, I would say this was a good one.

S. said...

Me, too.

Julia said...

big jump for a little guy. Good for him.