Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Year 5 begins

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. The NYT had this piece on Sunday about various events leading up to the war. This was to highlight that the truth about the situation, you know, what everyone says they didn't know at the time, was being "hidden in plain view."

Hidden? As I recall, it was being very loudly trumpeted by everyone on the left, certainly everyone in the anti-war movement. At the time I was living in Madison, which has a great community radio station that carried lots of Pacifica programs, and I just had it on all the time. (This certainly contributed profoundly to my alienation from A.'s Republican sister.) The truth was readily available. The reason most people in the country didn't know was either that Clear Channel and Rupert Murdoch had bought all of the media in their communities, or that they just didn't want to know. The country was still pretty high on vengeance-tinted patriotism. Facts were simply irrelevant. This was a war we entered because of popular emotion--mainly fear--manipulated by oil tycoons who had seized the highest levels of government.

Where is the impeachment movement?

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