Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tired Day

Z. woke up this morning and even though she told me "I don't wanna go to school. I wanna stay home and take a nap," she was fine as long as she was in her pajamas. She objected strenuously to me trying to put jeans on her, but relented when I replaced her pajama pants, so I let her eat breakfast in her pj's. This meant a return trip upstairs but we had time to spare--until she fought me on the jeans again. And on her shirt. (She claimed it was too tight. It's a size 6. She's at most a 3T.) She didn't want to do anything. She wanted Puppy Pie. I told her it was nap time just to see what would happen (it was 8:30am and she'd been up 2 hours) and she lay down immediately, but didn't sleep. I sang our sleepy songs. She didn't sleep but was increasingly cranky. She got up in tears and said "I wanna go to school, I wanna see my teachers." At 10 past 9 I called school and told them she was staying home. She immediately curled into my lap and I basically ignored her until she fell asleep at around quarter of 10. She wasn't awake again until 1:15.

Now, the problem with this is that I had her home on Monday, I made Tuesday a reading day/recovery from birthday exertions day, and tomorrow is my Flower Show excursion with my mother. I try to leave early on Fridays to go to my Buzz group (more on which later). So I was looking at being away from the store for almost a whole week with no preparation. Not so good.

You never know, though. While I was pottering around the house and the Internet two staffers called in sick (my manager relayed the news) and I thought we'd have to close the store until Z. woke up chipper. I said "You're awake!" She said "I'm all better now!" Her language astonishes me. I think she had to sleep so long because more of her language centers were coming online. She told me "I really, really need to go to school." This time when I explained that at school they were mid-nap and she needed to eat lunch she didn't flip, so she really was all better now. She wanted to make snowprints, so after she shoveled half of our pantry into her little belly, I packed her into her snow things and we stomped and dug in the snow, then went to the store. A. turned up and took Z. along to her (A.'s) chiropractor appointment, so I could take over at the register. So you never know how the day will turn out.

It wasn't a whole lot of time, but I did manage to look over the message book, prepare a PO for the distributor, and grab some bills that need paying. On the down side, we didn't break $100 today, which always leaves me wondering what the heck I think I'm doing.


My MoMtra said...

ooohhh, I SO know days like this. You get kudos for not pushing her to get to school. Way to go for slowing down and listening. And, your all worked out in the end. As it usually does, I'm finding. Anyway, I read several posts and enjoyed them. Keep it up. I got to you from one tired ema

S. said...

Oh, I'm pretty good at letting Z. stay home when she's a crankola (this is the technical term, you know). The problem is that I'm also running a business, and it's hard on my staff and keeps my payroll higher than it could be. I am actually never on the schedule for the register because I would have to find coverage for myself too often.