Monday, March 5, 2007

Fun encounter

Z. pitched a full-bore conniption fit about going to her 24-month check-up this morning. The wailing part went like this: "I don'wanna gotoda DOC-tor, I doa-oan'wanna gotoda DOC-tor, I don'wanna gotoda DOC-tor, I don'wanna gotoda DOC-tor (hiccup)," repeated from the foyer of our house until I forcibly strapped her into the carseat halfway down the block. And then she actually enjoyed herself for most of it once we got there. The only bad part was finger prick for the lead check, and she was wonderfully brave.

At the toy store afterwards we ran into Digger Boy and Digger Mom! Yay! Digger Boy was like an antidote to yesterday's birthday party. He was wearing a purple coat! And noticed Z.'s purple shoes! Digger Mom says he chooses his own clothes and purple is his favorite color. Kindred spirits.

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