Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yes, warm weather and crocuses. I think the heating season may really be over and the plumber might now be willing to give me a bid on the work that needs doing in the store's little cafe. Have you noticed that the winter months bring out every plumber's latent superhero? If you have heat, you aren't a citizen in distress and they just can't be bothered. We actually did lose our heat, and mighty miffed we were too--it was last Friday, what appears to have been the last day the radiators will be needed this season. If your thermocoupler is going to give up the ghost it should be in November so you can think, "wow, we got off easy," not "it would have been so nice to have that hundred bucks for another eight months."

But the crocuses, they are so cheerful and diligent, emitting little zings of color with absolutely no trace of grandstanding. There are these little wild crocuses--naturalized, I'm pretty sure, not wild, wild--that take over some of the lawns around here. They're a very pale purple, almost translucent. Cultivated varieties look much sturdier, but clearly these little purple ones have figured something out. If they were any less pretty you'd call them a weed--probably if I had them, I'd call them a weed (I do think that way about star of bethlehem). I was walking over to the credit union after therapy this morning, and seeing all the purple lawns made me so happy.

And therapy--well, I'm not going to report my therapy sessions online, you know. But we were in a different room from the one she was using last fall. It's temporary while her home office is being renovated, but I like that, having a new room for a restart.

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