Sunday, March 11, 2007

Now our life will change

There is a new play structure in our neighborhood, not half a block from our house, in the back of the parking lot of the public school at our intersection. I was surprised to hear about it: the school's play yard is all asphalt and slated for major remodeling. None of that work has started yet and I'd have thought play equipment would come last in a big project like that, but I guess this corner of the parking lot isn't being torn up.

We were over in the parking lot yesterday trying out Z.'s new trike and playground ball. The structure is so new that it's still wrapped in caution tape, but someone who sounded authoritative told us it was fine to play on, and in fact it was. It's really beautiful, all enamel over metal in primary colors, with a bouncy bridge, a couple of ladders, a set of drums built in and another of bells, a twisty slide and a double straight slide, and two different things big kids can use to grab onto and dangle. There are nice, thick rubber tiles under the whole area, too.

Two neighbor kids and their parents joined us playing on it. The day was a lovely, almost-spring one. It was a very nice pre-nap shabbos adventure.

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