Thursday, May 10, 2007

Week of firsts

In the same week Niobe tags me for my first meme, Mad Hatter, who hosts the Just Posts awards also gives me one for my Blogging Against Disablism post. Blogging is so much fun when the links are flying!

It's so, well, healthy to read what other people have written. (if you didn't hit my first link, when you have time you should get yourself over there to check out the list.) It's good to get some analysis and righteous indignation going. It makes me think I should look up from my navel more often. Which I think is the part of the point of having the award?

Now if I can figure out where to put the button!


Julia said...

Congrats! I loved that post, by the way.

S. said...

Thanks, Julia!

Congrats on the Thinking Blogger award--I like how you chose your tags.