Sunday, May 13, 2007

Carnival tubes of fun

Oh yes, I got a hit that way. I guess they were willing to take a detour.

Here are some Z. gems to lighten things up. (I know, you can't keep me off the computer today--actually two of today's posts were written late last night and dated for this morning. I spent most of the day outside digging up plants and putting them back in the ground somewhere else. Beats doing almost anything else.)

Gem #1: After our (childless) houseguests headed out for a fancy dinner, Z. observed: "When grownups go downtown, they don't take their babies."

And then this conversation for Gem #2:

Z.: I want my dinner!

S.: I'm sorry, you lost your dinner when you dumped your water.

Z.: Can I look for my dinner? Will you come help me?

A.: No, we're still eating.

Z.: Can the dogs help me look for my dinner?

S.: If they find it first they will eat it.

Z.: Dogs, don't look for my dinner! I will find it by myself.

(Z. heads for kitchen.)

A.: Z. goes on a vision quest.


Magpie said...

I love those toddlerisms! Gotta write 'em down, otherwise you can't remember them later.

I too am a big fan of digging plants up and moving them elsewhere - I inherited it from my mother. These days, mostly I dig up plants at her house and replant them at mine.

(un)relaxeddad said...

"Z goes on a vision quest." Priceless. And so true - isn't everything a vision quest at this age?

S. said...

Magpie, I so regret I hadn't found your blog before I created my toddler logic post. I would have stolen "toddlerisms" in a hearbeat.

(Un)relaxeddad, oh yes!