Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Imagination and satisfaction

Today I saw the beginning of involved, imaginary play with Z. She's done imaginary feeding with us ("Can you eat this for pretend?") but this was a step further--she was the babykitty and I was the mamakitty. To fulfill these roles we both needed to say meow (which I always spell in my head the French way, miao, but it looks like ciao when I type it.)

In other Z. news, today we had excitement on both the way to and from school: on the way to, we saw a baby bird and discussed why we weren't going to touch it, and on the way from we saw a real, live digger, putting a trench about 12 feet deep into my neighbors' yard. (That's not an exaggeration, since the yard rises above the sidewalk quite a bit.) We have paused at various times to look at diggers, but never so long and so close to one that was actually digging. It was an entirely fulfilling commute.


niobe said...

Just curious, why is your neighbor having a 12-foot deep trench dug? An new sewer system? A moat?

S. said...

The former: they were replacing the main drains to the house. When I walked by this morning I heard them gurgling nicely. The yard looks just as before, minus a swath of grass and two squares of sidewalk. Amazing how all that work just vanished underground.

The baby bird was gone, too, so I decided to tell a story about how its mother came back to get it. Z. is only two, after all.

(un)relaxeddad said...

I love the play stage! Though dudelet is currently very keen on dentistry and insists on checking my teeth - with a hammer and screwdriver from his toy toolbox! - each story time.