Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This car stuff keeps dragging on

Today the service guys called--we can come get the car! Hooray! I had to head back to work to help close, but A. and I thought through the intricate timing of pizza dough rising while she and Z. went to get the car. It looked like it would work.

"What about the key?" I asked. We only have one set of keys to this car, plus the valet key. The last time I was there the selling agent made a point of finding me and telling me he'd get another key cut while the car was in.

"I'll call to make sure it's with the car." A. called. And the agent claimed to have no idea that the car was there. Which was a lie.

So the car stays there another night while they cut a key they could have taken care of anytime this week.

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