Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday at my parents' table I gave thanks for family and friends and safety and health and Hope and Change, but today is a different kind of day. Today I need to give another round of thanks to the Black Friday sales and to Lo, who thought of me when she ventured out into them, and to Am@rican Expr@ss, which has kept on sending me a card every year even though I stopped using it years ago after I paid the damn thing off. A new computer is coming my way, and I think once I figure in savings on shipping and having a brand-new warranty, it's going to cost me less than the rebuild would have.

Yesterday's thanks were more important, no doubt about it. But today's are nothing to sneer at.


Magpie said...

A new computer is a nice thing.

Happy (belated) thanksgiving.

(And the word verification is a real word...motto. Huh.)

jo(e) said...

A new computer! Hurray!

kathy a. said...


S. said...

If only it would GET HERE ALREADY!!! Sheesh.