Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here's my latest fantasy. It's a warm day, a summer day, almost hot but not in the least sweaty, and we're in a completely private place, dappled in sun and shade. We take off all our clothes. We strip all the beds. We put everything in the washing machine, we let it dry on the line in the soft summer breeze, and when everything is folded in the basket, for one brief moment, one brief, blissful moment before we relinquish our nakedness, there will be not a single piece of laundry to do anywhere in the whole damn house.

In unrelated news, there are two items on my grocery list at this time:


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Phantom Scribbler said...

Hee! Then weave the Web thyselfe. The yarn is fine. (Though Z. would disagree that pinkt is the Heavenly Colours Choice, no?)

kathy a. said...

see, it's "pinkt," not pink. nobody can object to a little highlighting.

laundry and dishes, though. never done. does not surprise me in the least that this fantasy intersects with the need for milk and honey.

Jody said...

Oh God, that fantasy is so enticing. Sensual, in fact.

Can you figure out some way to stay laundry-free for more than 2 hours? Then it would be perfect.

elswhere said...

Hee! Most excellent.

This post put me in mind of this comic from the book "Seven in '75" by Ellen Forney: in one series of strips, her family goes to a nudist camp, and she and her brother are a little freaked out at first but then they get used to it, and it's pretty much the same as any summer vacation except when they get home their mom's thrilled because there is NO LAUNDRY to do!

Magpie said...

Doing laundry is playing Sisyphus.

S. said...

Jody I think in the right situation I could figure out how to spin that time out to more than 2 hours...;)

Els, we have a sorta, sometimes annual vacation where we eat in a dining hall for a week, and I am always SO BUMMED the first time I have to do dishes again.

liz said...

I love this fantasy. Can I steal it?

Tall Kate said...


Julia said...

This is why I so love doing all the laundry in one long evening/night that I spend in front of the TV. Relaxing, and in that time when everyone else is asleep, presumably not drooling on their pajamas, there is no laundry that needs doing. Sadly, given the crazy that is our house these days, this is no longer a viable option. Something about needing some number of hours of sleep to function and not having a day off.