Sunday, November 2, 2008

What the cool kids are wearing

The new, hot shirt in my neighborhood...


...and I got me one. Score. I'm all set to canvass again tomorrow.

(Nicholas, I got you one, too, with slate-blue sleeves. I'll touch base about getting it to you.)


Magpie said...

That totally makes me laugh! And I love the thought of you in it.

S. said...

You know, I only become a team supporter when there's a championship involved...and then, really, only the Washington Redskins. But this shirt was just too great to pass up.

kathy a. said...


my daughter is at oregon state university; one of its logos is a big O, orange on black. last spring, someone printed up Obama t-shirts in the school style -- i badly wish i had one, even though i'm only a sports fan when there is a marching band involved. [although i'm kinda pulling for OSU's basketball team, with michelle's brother as the new coach.]