Thursday, November 6, 2008

Because if it's not about the election it's about my kid

My first! ever! RBOC post! It must be November!

  • So, I got Z. an Obama/Phillies baseball shirt, too, only hers is an adult medium (so is yours, Mom!), which was the smallest they had. Until such time--if ever--as she grows into it, or gets bored with it, she's using it as a pillowcase by night, and a cape by day.
  • Also, she had her flu shot yesterday, only it was a puff up the nose. She did great. I should probably get one, too.
  • Her class is doing an "All About Me" unit, where they look at who has what color eyes and has how many people in their family and which pets and all of that. Thus, I know that she has brown hair and brown eyes, three people in her family, one dog, and is now 43" tall. That makes her too tall to ride for free on SEPTA and big enough for many many rides at Sesame Place that she couldn't go on last summer.
  • This makes me feel better about having moved her into a booster seat last week. Once she started wearing her winter coat in the mornings, the carseat straps got uncomfortable for her and there was no more strap to pull, but she looks so, I dunno, untethered in the booster.
  • She learned "God Bless America" to sing at the Phillies parade at her preschool last week. Two weeks ago? Whenever that was, with the World Series and all. She thinks it's a swell song to sing for Obama. She's singing it all the time. I wish she knew more verses, if it even has more verses. It's getting old.
  • Barack Hussein Obama is gonna be our next president. How about that?


Magpie said...

What is RBOC?

I wonder if Mir is too big to ride free. She did it on Tuesday...hmm. Need to check into that. Mir is still in a carseat in my car because, yet, way too untethered looking in the boosters. She complains occasionally, and I suppose it will soon be time.

Magpie said...

Hey - check this out for more lyrics (though not to that song):

Tall Kate said...

(I could teach Z. the words I learned at scout camp many years ago -- but I think they'd get old even faster.)

(un)relaxeddad said...

How about that indeed!

Is it a booster that has a back to it with seatbelt guides or just the bottom bit? Dudelet moved out of his carseat a year ago and the booster seat we ended up with still feels fairly enclosed. The real problem is that he can now undone his seatbelt.

S. said...

Magpie, thanks for the link! I want to know why The Marseillaise isn't on there, when they stretched as far as Oh, Canada. It doesn't get more patriotic than The Marseillaise.

RBOC stands for Random Bullets of Crap.

(un)relaxeddad, it's just the bottom bit, because our backseat has headrests, and that appears to be why you go with one over the other. I agree that the unfastening part is making me a little nervous. She hasn't figured out she can do it yet, but it's a matter of time.