Monday, December 17, 2007

The artist at her easel




I realize this sweater has made an appearance in this blog before. Actually, it was in my fourth post, ever. You might be surprised to know it remains one of my most popular posts (coming in just after the one I unwisely titled "braless").

Why? Because it comes up third when you ask google for the last frost date in Philadelphia. Never let it be said I do not provide my readers with useful information.


(un)relaxeddad said...

Beautiful pictures. I love watching dudelet paint (though it's hard to get him to agree to let me take pictures). Does Z get a very concentrated look, to the exculsion of all else.

With dudelet (I'm probably projecting), I always think he looks like his mother when she paints or sketches.

Magpie said...

And is she running away in the last photo?? The light is lovely.

Phantom Scribbler said...

The sweater is just gorgeous.

Julia said...

great shots.

We have a very similar easel, but the supplies are nowhere nearly as organized as those boxes under yours indicate. :)

S. said...

(un)relaxeddad, Z.'s look at the easel is sometimes concentrated and sometimes gleeful. She likes to narrate what she's doing a little, too.

Magpie, I think she was attempting to get stickers, which of course don't go on the chalkboard side. But it was worth a try. The light is from my lightbox.

Phantom, she was refusing to wear it until this weekend. Such being the fate of (even just slightly) scratchy, handknit wool sweaters in toddler sizes. But! I am no dummy! I put some peuhpeul buttons on it, and now it's the new favorite. She's perfectly delighted, and so am I.

Julia, my housekeeping strategy is to establish an anal-retentive substratum of discipline and order, then cover it up with several feet of clutter that I cease being able to see until it either a) blocks a door or b) topples over onto a central part the floor.

The only things my organizing works for are toys and dishes, because they're the only things we put away more or less daily.

jo(e) said...

I just love that first photo!