Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Z.'s pocket

  • rocks
  • binky
  • old cookie
  • dreidl
  • Cookie Monster
  • spare kisses

And, again ... what do your kids keep in their pockets? Assuming you have kids and they're big enough to have pockets they put things in and little enough that you still know these things about them.


Furrow said...

No pockets yet, but we did just find a flower tucked into Zo's fist. I forgot about the texture game we played before she fell asleep.

Magpie said...

Rocks are the only thing I've found in her pocket.

Though once at daycare, I was scolded by the teachers (in the toddler room) because she had a quarter that had been in her pocket. But it was a hand-me-down raincoat being worn by her for the first time, and I believe that the quarter came with the coat.

elswhere said...

MG often has little stones (and sometimes bigger stones) in her pocket. And in her backpack she has many random pieces of paper, and a surprisingly large number of crumbs.

S. said...

Furrow, what a lovely image!

Magpie, now I'm having flashbacks to be scolded by Z.'s teacher for not dressing her in enough layers. The power that the infant-toddler room teachers have over the self-esteem of a first-time mom!

Elswhere, we see a pretty direct connection between rocks and crumbs. Since the cookie goes in the pocket with the rock the results are predictable.

(un)relaxeddad said...

Acorns, mostly! And crumbs also.