Friday, December 14, 2007

In my pocket

  • Folded paper money--almost always less than $20--and a little change
  • A brown hair elastic, the kind Scunci makes that looks like a miniature pot holder loop
  • A binky
  • Some miscellaneous bit of plastic from some wrapper or other, waiting til I find a trash can
  • Sometimes, my cell phone
  • Sometimes, my camera
  • Often, a tissue

And yours?


kathy a. said...

dated shopping lists, because if i don't write it all down, i forget to buy that one critical thing i set out to get. also old kleenex; and i keep forgetting to put the purse-size packs on my list.

my purse tells a fuller story. when i cleaned out the old to transfer to the new a couple years back, i actually had pages and pages of stickie-pad information that was 3 years old.

my sister takes the cake, and she is the organized one; in the pocket of her nice coat, a couple weeks ago she found nutcracker tickets from 2000.

niobe said...

Does it count if my coats' pockets have holes in them? Because otherwise, my pockets, when I have them, are almost always empty.

S. said...

You know, I should have been more specific. That was actually the pocket of my jeans.

My coat pockets run more on the lines of mittens (mine and Z.'s), keys, wallet, binky, tissues, iPod, toddler socks.

Anonymous said...

sometimes a dollar or two
hair tie

kabbage said...

Loose change, cell phone, wallet, gas receipts, my keys, client keys, plastic bags for cleaning up after dogs.

The aussie carries dirt, water, bits of vegetation including branches that get tangled in, and sometimes small slugs in her front leg feathers, the equivalent of pockets. Slugs are the worst as they're nearly impossible to remove without squishing.

The belgian (shorthaired) carries a bit of water and dirt in her front leg feathers

dawn224 said...

Right now, I'm still frequently in yoga pants, so I don't have pockets. I have, apparently, channelled my grandma and I have tissue in the pocket of my robe :)