Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last Frost Date

The average last frost date in Philadelphia is April 14. So why did Woodlanders send me two dormant dusty zenobias on February 14th, in the middle of a sleet storm? And what am I supposed to do with them in the meantime? I would ask for suggestions, but that would only make sense if someone were reading.

This morning I walked Z. to school--only four blocks, but long, cold blocks. I admit that I normally wimp out and drive in inclement weather but today that meant digging out the car and giving up my space. Parking on this block is always tight and can get downright nasty in the snow, so even though the state of the sidewalks meant the stroller was out I left the car in place.

It was Z's first time wearing her snow overalls, which she liked. Then I put her winter coat on over an Aran cardigan that I made for her last year but which won't actually fit her until next year. The effect was very round. Thus armored, we ventured forth. Yesterday was so nasty that she hadn't been outside, so her first look of snow-dazzlement was a nice parental moment. Then the walking began. She was game for the first block but after that I had to cajole every sidewalk square out of her and carried her at least half of the distance.

Oddly, today is quieter in the store than yesterday, and quieter than usual. I guess everyone's back at work.

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