Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Transitions are not our friends

The beginning of the school year, yeah? Meltdown, meltdown, meltdown. Z. does not do well with transitions, like the ones between taking her pajamas off and putting her clothes for the day on. Or the one between not having a toothbrush in her mouth and having one. And going home? Well, in the time it took us to go from daycare to parking our car on the block, one of her classmates' moms had already walked her kid past our house to The Co-op on the Corner, completed her grocery shopping, and was passing us on the way back to her house. And we still had two more pauses for acting out and discipline before we made it to our gate.

Yeah. We are having some fine, hysterical times around here.

But I do think that Z. gets to the end of the day and she just needs to be hysterical for awhile.

Magpie helped us out today, by giving me the link that led me to this little piece of toddler catnip:

It's the most hilarious thing she's seen in months. She had to watch it twice, of course. And then when Mommy came home, she needed to jump up and down on the furniture for awhile.

Z: I want you to get off dat chair so I can double over wiss laughter.

As I recall, this doesn't last all school year, but it's gonna be a long September.


Magpie said...

Sorry about the difficulties - but I'm glad you liked that video!

(un)relaxeddad said...

I hear you! The move to big school combined with an increasingly mobile and active little sister is causing utter mayhem in our house.

susan said...

Transitions ARE hard--best of luck muddling through it all.

S. said...

Susan, thank you.

Magpie, that is the new absolute favorite, but the pirate/ninja one gets requested in the same breath. You are brilliant.

(un)relaxeddad, I am so sorry, and so sympathetic. I hope it gets easier, soon.