Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Halfway to Four

The semi-annual tooth-cleaning of the boo was yesterday, and as it happens, it was also her half-birthday.

We are bopping along in the car on our way to the dentist, listening to a cd a friend of mine put together for me for my own birthday a bunch of months back, and Z. is singing along to the words she can decipher.

Z.: "Happy Birssday..." When I listen to diss I sink dey're singing about me!

S.: Oh yeah?

Z.: Yes, because it's going to be my birssday soon!

S.: Sweetie, your birthday is still a long time away. As long as it's been since your last birthday, that's how long it is until your next birthday. There are a lot of months between now and then, and a lot of holidays first. Your birthday isn't until around Purim.

Z.: Dzat's vewy soon.

S.: Well, it's getting closer every day.

Z.: Dat's TWUE! En den it will be my BIRSSDAY!


susan said...

Do you guys do anything to celebrate half birthdays? We usually make some sort of half birthday celebration at some point during that week.

She really is the most adorable of adorables.

S. said...

Susan, no we don't I totally got busted on it this morning, so I think something hasty may be pulled together for shabbat dinner.

I did bake her a tres leches cake for her day of four threes, though. (Three years and three months and three weeks and three days.)

kathy a. said...

so adorable! see, she is learning fractions already!

Tall Kate said...

This is so sweet! I love 3-year-old logic. My little one is also 3, but won't have her "half" till the beginning of December. And my eldest doesn't even HAVE a half birthday -- his birthday is August 31!