Sunday, July 20, 2008

What was up in NJ yesterday?

Driving home on the turnpike last night, a little more tired than was wise, with the music up loud to keep my senses going. At about exit 10 fireworks appeared above the tree strip off to the right, sparks tumbling in every sloppy direction, untidy but festive. Hunh, I thought. Somebody's having a fair, maybe.

Four or five songs later--let's say 20 miles--another rocket lifted into the sky far ahead of me, fizzling, a dud, but by the time I reached that spot on the highway, another went off, proud, high, a red sphere inside a yellow circle, and then I was past, aiming for exit 6 and the bridge across the Delaware, sleepy and puzzled, no one to ask.

Just passing through.


Julia said...

No clue. But I bet it got you wondering if you were even more tired than you gave yourself credit for... :)

Co said...

Hmm... Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ, off route 7A, has summer fireworks. That's all I can think of.