Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hiking: snacktime


True queerspawn: I bought her the necklace at Lambda Rising.


Julia said...

1) Monkey would be all over that necklace.

2) Hiking in a dress-- impressive in its own right.

S. said...

1) $3.95--a bargain, I'm telling you.

2) These are very well-maintained and well-used trails. Or we might have made some other wardrobe decisions.

Magpie said...

thanks for the clarification vis a vis the trails and hiking in a (splendid spotted) dress.

Jody said...

Ooo, it's a nice necklace.

My kids rarely look that good for CHURCH. I would say I needed to stop being such a slacker, but I know I won't be, so it would be a meaningless gesture.

This is just a really good photo, you know.

jo(e) said...

I like the purple bandana.