Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Missed opportunity

Tossed over the phone line that stretches across the last block I drive before I park for therapy: womens' knee-high, white, vinyl, platform, lace-up boots.

Gone now.


Songbird said...

I thought I knew what sneakers meant, but boots?

Nicholas said...

I never saw this in DC, but I see it all the time in Philly. Not ya know, vinyl boots, but sneakers like whoa. I don't even understand what sneakers mean! Other than "Now you can't get your sneakers..."

Magpie said...

Do you think they would have fit you?

S. said...

Magpie, no idea! I just wanted to take a picture for the blog.

Nicholas, me, too--and I know Philly thinks of the shoes on the wires as being distinctive, but I'm assured it's widespread.