Friday, February 1, 2008

The news from your daycare co-op

Z. has been in a pulled-together daycare co-op a few days a week, with kids from another class at her school, just until the semi-permanent interim place opens in the middle of next week. I can walk her to the regular daycare location (currently closed for repairs). It's a drive to the co-op. It takes us just long enough to listen to this song twice, stopping the cd once to discuss the state of the snow on the ground, and taking time out between repeats to discuss Kermit the Frog's musical opinions.

Next week, driving to the semi-permanent place, I think we can probably memorize the song in one trip.

I feel almost like a commuter.


Magpie said...

Sounds like you ARE a commuter. For the time being, anyway.

niobe said...

who do you need? Nobody.
You're lucky noboby's around

It's a fantastic, catchy song, but it makes me a little sad. Z doesn't pick up on the sad vibe? Or she doesn't care?

kathy a. said...

glad this is temporary; glad a regularish schedule got worked out. and she'll remember the song(s) forever!

(un)relaxeddad said...

It's a big step in the right direction from last week, though. Sounds like she's coping with all the change reasonably stocially. Toddlers are amazing - they'll melt down at the tiniest change in routine but can take what adults would regard as dreadful inversions of normality in their stride.

Furrow said...

Zora and I don't have any driving songs yet, but I'm trying to make the Mamas and the Papas our bathing music. I'm taking this comfortable repetion stuff seriously.

How wonderful to be able to walk her to daycare. I hope the repairs are finished soon.

Furrow said...

that was supposed to be "repetition."

Julia said...

I hope it worked out better for you than the week before.
How are you doing?